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Defend your Joy

Negativity destroys joy at every opportunity. The News and social media are overrun with negativity or a sense of ‘perfection’ we can’t help but compare ourselves to.

Let’s take a stand, defend our joy, and choose to see the beauty hidden in the wildflowers.

I’m Alli! I’m a young adult author striving to inspire a positivity that runs deep.

Growing up in the age of technology, I’ve seen first hand the negative spiral that happens when you take a back-seat defending joy. Follow my blog to get weekly positivity tips, tricks, and more; all of which are centered on adding a little drop of sunshine into your life!

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My One Word For 2023

My One Word For 2023

The Christian New Years Resolution It’s a common practice amongst certain Christians to choose a word for the year, instead of New Year’s Resolutions. The idea behind it is that, with prayer, you and God decide on a word that is meant to grow you in a specific way....

The Joy of Suffering

The Joy of Suffering

Here’s a question I’ve been pondering lately. Why do we appreciate some suffering, but condemn other forms of it? In specifically American Christian circles I see this all the time. We have this idea that, in America, where we are not sought out to be killed for our...

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