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Defend your Joy

Defending Your Joy

Negativity destroys joy at every opportunity. The News and social media are overrun with negativity or a sense of ‘perfection’ we can’t help but compare ourselves to.

Let’s take a stand, defend our joy, and choose to see the beauty hidden in the wildflowers.

I’m Alli! I’m a young adult author striving to inspire a positivity that runs deep.

Growing up in the age of technology, I’ve seen first hand the negative spiral that happens when you take a back-seat defending joy. Follow my blog to get weekly positivity tips, tricks, and more; all of which are centered on adding a little drop of sunshine into your life!

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The Joy of a Willing Heart

The Joy of a Willing Heart

Are you a perfectionist? Believe it or not, I’m a bit of a perfectionist myself. My definition of ‘good enough’ usually means doing something with little to zero mistakes. If I do something, and it’s not as good as it could be, it is now wholly terrible. Irredeemable....

The Joy of Anxiety

The Joy of Anxiety

Do you often find yourself sitting with the feeling of a thousand flies swarming around your heart? Does the usual, dull drum of Christians telling you to ‘Pray more, Worry Less’ make you feel guilt instead of comfort?

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