Hi! I’m Alli Prince. Author, big sister, and self-proclaimed optimist.

I’m the third eldest of ten, yes, you read that right, ten children. Way back in the ancient year of 2014, my family of five grew to a family of eleven when we adopted six kiddos. Then, in 2018, we decided we needed one more and welcomed a friend in need to come stay with us while she attended college, and the rest was history. Now, we’re a fully-fledged army of twelve!

My family has experienced some radical, and some could make the argument to say ‘turbulent’ life twists. From moving seven times in six years, to battling chronic pain and all that comes with it, these past two decades I’ve been alive have been intense, to say the least.

The latest twist in this ever-evolving adventure I call my life? God called me all the way from Las Vegas, NV to move to Zanesville, OH to attend The Company; an awesome, faith-led program to help writers from all over the world hone their skills and see exactly what it takes to be a fully-fledged author. It’s here that I’m learning all sorts of new and fantastic things about God’s character, my life, and most importantly, how to pursue the God-given dream of being an Author.

Why tell you all this? Well, through these amazing and, honestly, scary turns in life, God has been consistent in teaching me one thing: How to have joy in the quagmire. Life is hard. It’s scary, overwhelming, and let’s be real, a lot of people aren’t very nice. How are we supposed to have joy when someone near to us dies? Or when you realize the life you’ve worked so hard for isn’t actually what God had planned for you?

Everywhere we turn or look these days seems to be crawling with negativity. The plot-twists in our own lives are hard enough to manage, on top of that, we are relentlessly exposed to tragedy in the news, and scandals online. As if that wasn’t enough, we see on the opposite end of the spectrum a ‘toxic positivity’ trend, where we barely acknowledge what’s happening around us.

There is a time for both. That being said, I highly doubt you need to balance the joy in your life with negativity. The joy we have, we must choose. We must hold onto it, and sometimes we have to put in effort to seek it out.

I want to help create a place where you can easily seek that joy out. On this blog you’ll find many joy-inspired things, such as fun crafts, joyful music, exploration of scripture, and joy-inspiring stories to lift our moods! I’m by no means a mental-health professional. I can’t fix depression or cure anxiety (and if you are struggling, know that there’s no shame in seeking help). But I can guide you towards the little drops of sunshine, and hopefully help you seek out the beauty in the wild-flowers and find a little bit more of God’s amazing love for you in your everyday life.

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