I’ll be the first to say that some people are natural gifted in crafts and others are… less than gifted. I find I fall in the last group of people. Crafts are complicated. They can be difficult, create a huge mess to clean up, and in the end don’t even look how we wanted them to.

But I’ll also be the first to say that crafts can be a huge asset in defending your joy. First, they can create an opportunity in which you can choose to work towards being satisfied with something not turning out the way you want (and yes, a huge part of defending our joy is choosing to be joyful no matter the circumstance or level of control we have). Secondly, depending on the craft, they can seriously boost (and continue to boost) your positivity.

So here we go! Three crafts to inspire joy!

  • 1. The Happy Jar.

What you’ll need: A jar/container, hot glue gun/super glue/idk your choice of sticky stuff, and ribbon.

First, grab a jar. I like to get my jars at Hobby Lobby or a local craft store. Any glass jar or container will do, and really it doesn’t even have to be glass. Just pick something that you find nice to look at.

Next, grab a fancy ribbon or yarn or something nice to decorate it. I usually get something that fits my aesthetic (and that’s on sale). Wrap the ribbon around the middle of the container and glue it in place. I usually use hot-glue, just cause I find it works better with the ribbon I usually use. If you want, you can even tie it and call it a day.

Now, you can fill the jar. I usually put nice things people have written for me in them, but you can fill it with literally whatever works for you. Happy memories, positive affirmations, the souls of the innocent, literally whatever you want. Then, whenever you’re feeling down, or need some encouragement, this jar is ready and waiting on your shelves.

  • 2. The Happy Wall

What you’ll need: Coark-board, thumb-tacks, screws/wall tape.

This one is super simple and most of what you need can be found at Hobby Lobby (please don’t read into how much time I spend at Hobby Lobby).

First, get some cork-board.

Next, take your screws/wall tape (I usually use wall tape), and stick the cork-board onto your wall.

Then, with your thumb-tacks, hang up pictures, notes, really whatever you want! Sometimes, it’s really nice to look over in the morning and see a kind note written from a sister, or a funny picture of a friend. (I added cheap fairy lights and ribbon to mine as well!)

This last one is a little harder, but super fun!

What you’ll need: Chunky yarn and time… a lot of time.

Hand-knitting a blanket is super fun and (once you understand what you’re actually doing) easy! I usually get my chunky yarn when it’s on sale at… Hobby Lobby… But anyways, it’s super simple! All you’re really doing is tying knots. This one took me a couple months to do, but once it was done, it was super soft and comfortable! I admit, it didn’t look the best (thus why I have no picture of mine and why I ‘forgot‘ it at a friends house before I moved) but it was an awesome project, and super relaxing to do while watching a movie or chilling. Click Here for a video tutorial!

Crafts are a great way to spend your time and inspire positivity. It doesn’t matter if it looks good, turns out the way you want, or if you’re skilled at all in this area (I certainly am not, but what a joy it is to let go of ‘what should be’ and just accept what is).

What crafts do you enjoy the most? Have you done any of the one’s listed above! Comment below and let me know!

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