Ever have those days where you just can’t get out of a funk? When you wake up and just can’t seem to shake off the moodiness some days bring. Either way, sometimes the most helpful thing to do is put on a happy song, close your eyes, and let the music wash over you.

Music is seen in almost every culture. We, as humans, are designed to be moved by instruments and tunes. Sure, sometimes that music looks different, but at its core, the effect is the same.

Music is profoundly healing and inspiring.

However, some songs are far superior than others. Maybe you’re sick and tired of the mainstream pop music that the radio’s put on repeat, or maybe you just don’t know what songs to add that little boost of sunshine to your play-list. Fret no longer! Here are my current top five ‘happy’ songs to put on when the vibes are lacking.

1. Best day of my life – American Authors
Maybe I’m biased because I like authors, or maybe this song is just genuinely amazing. Either way, it’s got fantastic lyrics and a unique and gripping melody right from the start. I recommend putting this song on in the car, driving with the windows down, and blasting it full volume as you zoom down the highway towards your next adventure!

2. The Lotto – Ingrid Michaelson, AJR
Any song that incorporates clapping into the soundtrack is guaranteed to boost your mood. This song takes the cake with it’s varied beat and fun lyrics! Besides, who doesn’t like to sing about love being better than money?

3. Me Want Bite – Keyes
Listen, I’m all for well thought out lyrics just as much as the next person. But one cannot deny the power of chaos, and how enjoyable it is to relax, close your eyes, and sing about the sweet delicacy cat-tails would make if we could ingest them with little to no consequences. Really take a moment to sit with these words. Let yourself be silly for a while!

4. Why Worry – Set it Off
Do you hate songs that only talk about how everything will be fine with placid piano and gentle drums? Well then this song is for you! This song is the perfect bridge between a positive mindset and your wild inner teenage-emo who wants realism and truth over fluff. Feel free to jump up and down and head-bang along to the beat.

5. You’ll be okay – A Great Big World
Do you love songs that assure you everything will be fine with melodious piano and a nice gentle beat? Well then this song is for you! Snuggle up with a blanket and let yourself cry out that over-empowering mood as you let the words assure you… You’ll be okay and the sun will shine another day.

There it is, my top five happy songs for when the day just isn’t going my way. Any of these songs on your play-list already? What songs do you listen to when you need to turn your mood around? Drop a comment and let me know!

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