How do you create?

It’s a good question to ask yourself. Do you sit and just let ideas flow into your head? Or do you seek out inspiration?

There is so much to take in, as a creator. So many Pinterest boards to scroll through, movies, shows, and books, to soak your retinas with. There are so many tropes to research and genres to explore!

All of those are good and well to gleam a spark of inspiration from… But there’s one area I think we, as creators, tend to forget about when seeking inspiration.

What is that you may ask?

Simple. It’s the void.

As much content as there is out there, what I love about our world is that no matter how much people create, there are always opportunities to do something new and exciting! The void is the perfect place to see what hasn’t been done before (or at least what hasn’t been done in a very long time).

The Void

Take George Lucas for example. Way back in The Ancient Times (1977) there was a void in the media, specifically for ten-year-old boys. Take one look at Star Wars a New Hope, and you’ll see exactly who George Lucas was creating for.

Well, I’m here to inform you of another void (and a way you get to help fill it).  

We’re starting to get more and more actually good Christian Media out there. I love the projects I’m seeing develop. But, as a woman, I’ve noticed a lot of it is geared towards me, which is fantastic! Love that! Keep doing that!

But where is the media geared for men my age?

I’m not saying men can’t enjoy the stuff that’s being produced right now. But God created us to be different for a reason, and maybe it would be nice if we produced something that didn’t have every male character be a bumbling, naïve, idiot that only cares about TV, beer, and sex.

Introducing Lawless

Lawless is an anthology of original Christian short stories inspired by the biblical book of Judges. We are SEEKING AUTHORS who would like to collaborate on this project with us! (For more info on how you can participate, click here!)

And if you’re not a writer, please, share this blog post with any writer you do know, and join us in praying for this project and the authors that will be working on it!

So, without further ado, here is the cover and book description!

Welcome to Covenant, a near-future dystopian earth where technological advancement has come to a jarring halt and resources are sparse. The journeymen, a group of people chosen by a mysterious deity called Donumdonair, must struggle through treacherous deserts inhabited by two tyrannical tribes. The fierce Desperados and The Order of Kosmoa. The Journeymen must fight against the destruction and desires of the world around them as they strive to survive.

Inspired by the Book of Judges, watch as Donumdonair chooses the most unlikely heroes to showdown with demons, triumph over armies, and fight the galactic battles that rage around and in them.

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