1 Year reflection…

Since coming to Ohio, I’ve been able to do some wild things. Everything from writing a full novella to herding pigs. But Lawless is, by far, the most exciting thing I’ve ever gotten to work on. This past week we’ve opened up applications and I’m already blown away by the submissions we’ve gotten!

Which is why I’m so excited to finally be able to announce the newest update for The Lawless Project!

Sample Stories!

Since the beginning, Brad and I have been hard at work defining the universe, working out the inconsistencies, and detailing all the information we’ll be giving to the future authors on this project. One of the ways we’ve done that is by taking the information of the universe and separately writing a complete short story inspired by one of the judges. Then, we gave each other our stories to see where the universe was inconsistent, to find where we needed more clarity, or a better definition of the world.

I learned so much about the world by doing this. It was surprisingly difficult to force myself to sit down and write out the story I’d invisioned, with the information I had written down. It was even more surprising how nervous I was to submit this story to the Writing Workshops hosted by The Company, to see what people outside the project thought. (Next one is September 5th, and I get the honor of hosting it! Check it out here!)

We’d like to share those stories with you now!

A sneak-peak of what’s to come from this project, if you will.

You can find both stories here, or go to lawlessbook.com for more information on The Lawless Project! Let us know what you think!

Here is an exerpt of my story, titled Sacrifice! Guess which judge it’s based off of in the comments below.

Sacrifice – Alli Prince

“Kosmoa will be pleased with your sacrifices,” Orlan, a priest of Kosmoa, announced as he strolled down the silver ramp. The ship stood like a sore thumb against the deep brown rock of the desert wastelands around them. Soft puffs of steam rolled from the ventilation systems along the side of the ship. The glass viewing ports along the top were tinted black.

Stefan looked up from the corpse of the beast, its body broken and slumped on its side. Even now, dead and sitting in a pool of sickly green ooze, the beast towered a good three feet above Stefan.

You can find the rest of the story at lawlessbook.com or click here to go directly to it!

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