I had a dream about spiders, which usually means some level of spiritual warfare or emotional stress in my life. However, the weird thing about this dream? When I woke up, I felt unusually refreshed. Especially considering I’d just dreamt the entire night away about my least favorite thing in the entire world.

If you know me, it won’t take long for my hatred of all things creepy crawling to inch into the conversation at some point. I’m a huge arachnophobe. Which is why the picture on this blog is decidedly not of a spider, even though that’s what I’m going to be talking about today. Then again, I’m not talking about real spiders.

In the dream, people I knew were throwing spiders onto me and I was hardcore freaking out. I couldn’t do what I needed to because of it. I just sat there and begged, relentlessly, continuously, for them to stop. All of this, of course, without any affect. Then, I saw someone in front of me. They were walking towards God, and someone else threw a spider on them. Instead of freaking out like I had been doing, the person brushed it off their shoulder and kept going.

In the dream, I stopped, and started to brush off the spiders. I was still grossed out, don’t get me wrong. But the faster I brushed the spider off and kept going, the easier and easier it got.

Then, I woke up, completely refreshed and ready for the day (a miracle in itself).

It got me thinking… what things do we allow in our lives that are like spiders? Creepy, and gross. Things that don’t aid us, or help us in any way. (Yes, spiders eat flies and are good for the environment. But they are not helpful when they’re crawling all over me. They are no longer serving their purpose).

For me? It’s the words others have spoken over me, the words I’ve spoken over myself, and the lies of the enemy. If I treated those like I treat spiders—dealt with them and smacked them away with a feverish urgency—how much power would they hold over me?

Why do I allow such lies from the enemy to scuttle into my head, and create their webs in my home? Sure, some spiders are harmless… but what lies do I assume are harmless, but in actuality, hold a deadly venom? What hurtful words am I holding onto? What cobwebs in the corner of my heart am I refusing to sweep out?

Joy doesn’t come from our circumstances. It comes from walking with God. Having a relationship with the one who loves you more than we could ever possibly imagine.

He’s not content with the cobwebs and creepy crawlies taking root in your heart or in your mind. He’s certainly not content with the spiders I’ve allowed to stay in my life.

Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing, and perfect will.

So… what’s the spider in your life right now?

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