If you make plans, God will laugh.

A phrase I often hear thrown around church circles. Usually, it’s said to remind us to stay humble and allow God to plan our lives. But, for me at least, it gives me a very interesting image of God. When I hear it, I can see him, sitting with his arms crossed. He gives a chuckle accompanied by a slight roll of the eyes.

If I make plans, and God laughs at my plans, it almost gives me the feeling that it’s me VS God… Or at least God VS my plans.

I can’t help but question… is that right?

The Plans I Made

It’s been a full year since I moved from Nevada all the way to Ohio. A shocking life change, but especially for me. Whenever anyone talked about traveling or exploring the world or moving away from the city, I was the first to (very loudly) put in my opinion. That I was never going to move away from my family, and I would never leave Vegas. Ever.

I hate travel. I hate moving. And I really, really, hate stepping into the unknown.

But, day by day, bit by bit, God started to work on my heart.

I remember I was driving home from work one day. I’d gotten off early, so the freeway wasn’t bogged down by the usual rush-hour traffic. The mountains had just gotten a light dusting of snow that made the valley feel tight and cozy. My music cackled through the speakers, and suddenly, a new desire hit my heart. I wanted to know what it was like to live in a tiny town. To run into people at the grocery store. To be able to drive fifteen minutes and get practically anywhere.

I really didn’t want to leave Vegas. I loved the city lights, the shopping, the food (I really loved the food). But God started working new things in me.

I had made plans to never leave Nevada, and those didn’t line up with God’s plans… But He didn’t sit up in his throne, distant and cold, and laugh as I made them.

He chose grace.

He chose to, bit by bit, change my viewpoint. Equally as important—I let Him.

It wasn’t an easy move. It wasn’t an easy change. I’ve had many times in my life where, instead of choosing to trust the works He’s doing, I’ve fought tooth and nail to get what I want…

Since then, I’ve adopted a different phrase.

When you make plans, keep them open in your palm and watch. ‘Cause God is going to do amazing things with whatever we have.

It might not roll off the tongue as well as the first, but it reminds me that I do have a part to play in the plans God makes. There are times when you have to let Jesus take the wheel, and there are times when it feels like Jesus thrusts the wheel into your hands, grins, and asks ‘where do you want to go?’

Isn’t that exciting?

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