Are you the sort of person who wants to snap your fingers and be done with it?

Snap! Dinner is cooked. Snap! The dishes are clean. Snap! I’m a fully mature, independent adult who no longer makes mistakes or experiences any failure.

Just me?

The Process of Life

Something I’ve been learning this week is ‘The Process.’ So often, I want to snap my fingers and be done with whatever God is teaching me. To be done with mistakes and failure. To be successful and, if I’m honest, perfect. I hate the process of growing, stretching, and learning what needs to stay and what needs to go. The gritty. The uncomfortable. The Process of working through the hard times instead of just popping out on the other side.

It might be silly, but I’m also realizing how little God works in ‘snaps’ and how he often works in ‘the process.’ Sure, there are some moments He does work in ‘the snap.’ Snap! You’ve been fully and completely healed. Snap! That temptation is no longer as hard to withstand as it was before. Snap! You choose to believe, and in a single moment, you go from dead to alive in Christ.

The snaps in life are so cool. But the process…that’s where God really shines.

It’s a process to learn about God’s love. To take it a step further, not just ‘know’ about it but also experience it fully. It’s a process to sort through the messes in your life, bringing each moment to God, and working through it together. The life of a Christian is a life of The Process.

It’s easy to get frustrated in The Process. To expect ourselves to ‘just be better already.’ But there is Joy in The Process.

We learn more by experience

The difference between knowing God’s love and experiencing God’s love is the difference between knowing the ingredients of an apple pie—how to bake it, describe it, etc.—and tasting an apple pie.

We learn so much by going through something with Christ. We learn more about His love and His faithfulness. We also learn what it is to be disciplined by Him. We learn about his righteous anger.

Going through ‘The Process’, is really just learning more about Christ. Would we remember what we’ve learned about God if we didn’t have The Process?

It’s okay that it sucks—and it really does suck. It’s okay that it’s uncomfortable, that it’s gritty and hard. What’s not okay is staying there and refusing to go through The Process. To refuse to grow or change.

Life is a Process. The question is, are you going to walk hand in hand with Christ, or are you going to dig your heels into the dirt as he drags you along?

Speaking of The Process, we’re making great progress with Lawless! So many authors have poured so much into their stories! It’s been a process to edit and re-edit and then edit again, and I’m so proud of how far so many of the stories have come. Check out the website for updates!

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