Supposedly, Christians aren’t supposed to watch R rated movies–unless it’s the Passion of the Christ. Which is why we took the most hardcore, savage, and intense book of the bible and wrote about it instead. There’s no denying that Judges would be rated R, were it turned into a movie. The content describes the depravity of man, ever insistent and stubborn to disobey God—everything from child sacrifice to sexual immorality. Pride, envy, and selfish desires run rampant in the book of Judges.

Which begs the question: Why have a Christian Anthology about it?

I was hesitant when I was first approached with the idea to lead this anthology. I suggested we do the old Testament prophets instead—sure, some might be a tad uncomfortable, but surely not bad as what’s included in the Book of Judges.

I was so used to Christian fiction churning out safe stories, that the idea of talking about something real made me uncomfortable…but then again, isn’t that why the book of Judges is in the Bible? We shouldn’t be comfortable with the things that happen in the book of Judges. In fact, it should convict us. Like it or not, we’re similar to the Israelites in Judges. Stubborn. Intent on doing things in our own way and strength.

Christian Fiction usually means a story that’s super clean. The main characters don’t struggle with lust because then we would have to portray that lust. They don’t struggle with obeying God or question if He’s real—because then we would have to show it. And everyone knows if you’re a good Christian, you don’t so much as look at sin, let alone talk about it!

Well, the bible certainly talks about it. In great detail, I might add…and if the bible says something about a certain topic, then as Christians, can’t we? After all, we have the Holy Spirit! Perhaps it’s not only something we can talk about, but should be talking about in a way that brings the light of Christ to these topics. Lawless is hard-core, but decidedly PG-13. We don’t go anywhere the book of Judges doesn’t go.

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