It was 11pm, and I was exhausted.

I stood in the bathroom, glaring at myself in the mirror as I brushed my teeth. I’d given up the reigns of my brain to let it wander. It moseyed through the pathways and neural networks when suddenly it caught the scent of something—a wild idea had left a trail!

My brain took off, and I chased after it. And oh boy, was this a good idea! It had depth, creativity, and, most importantly, I’d never seen anything like it before! I looked down at my brain and said, “Good catch! Be sure to remember this in the morning when we sit down at the computer, okay?”

I finished up in the bathroom, went to sleep, woke up the next morning, rushed around getting ready for the day, and then finally sat down at my computer.

“Okay,” I held my fingers an inch over the keyboard. “What was that idea again?”

Nothing. I’d completely and totally forgotten what it was.

Have you ever done this?

Did you know that nearly 40% of adults consider themselves to be ‘forgetful’? I’m sure we’ve all, at some point in our life, forgotten a brilliant idea. I spent the better part of the morning racking my brain, trying to remember even a smidge of what the idea had been. I even prayed and asked God to remind me what it was—and that was when the conviction hit.

You see, sometimes God does remind you of an idea when you ask (really, He does. If you forget your idea, go ahead and ask Him! You might just be surprised about what He brings to mind). But sometimes, you should have been a better steward to the idea in the first place.

As a writer, I don’t just come up with ideas on my own. I partner with God on them, inviting Him into the process.

It’s always a bummer when you forget an idea. It’s an even bigger bummer when you forget an idea God gave you.

Partnering with God

God cares about your story ideas and He wants to partner with you on these things.

From the beginning of the Bible, we can see humans being creative. In Genesis 4, you’ll notice as it talks about the descendants of Cain, that his sons were the fathers of different things, like tools and musical instruments. (Genesis 4:20-22).

I would wager that you should not only steward the ideas you get but that you have a responsibility to.

It doesn’t matter if you’re tired and you need to be up for work in a couple of hours. If you’re just falling asleep and you have a really good idea, jot it down. Use bullet points. You don’t have to write an entire chapter (unless God’s inspired you to, that is). Your ideas are important, so treat them like they are.

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